Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This week I have done a little sewing.. but mainly alterations. I bought 2 tank tops, a blouse, and a tank top for my little man from the thrift store. The tanks for myself I just shortened the straps, so simple but satisfying. The blouse has a lovely swirly pink and brown pattern on it, but in long sleeve it was just too much. So I cut it off just below the elbow and put in a little elastic, I wore it today and love it.

The tank for my little man has a print on the front which says 'tiki beach party' I thought I would try some free-machine embroidery.. a palm tree seemed to fit. I went over the whole thing several times. Now I have a couple of new things I am excited to wear, all only costing a couple of dollars.

I have dabbled in hat making for toddlers before and thought it was about time to make one for myself. I bought 2 secondhand curtains that were heavy cotton a few years ago and have since used the fabric in a number of items. I decided to make a hat from my friends pattern over at Red Raven (her hats are a must have in our town). I was really happy with the hat, it did take me a few minor alterations... to get it to sit just right (due to my sewing ability not my friends pattern) I put a patch (of one of the screen printed birds from my course) on it. I love it! It is deep, not too tight and provides lots of shade. :)