Tuesday, March 5, 2013

maternity shirt

On the hunt for for some fun maternity projects I came across this on Pinterest DIY Maternity and fell in love.  So, I set out to find a XL men's shirt at the thrift store. With no success so I settled on an XXL. It was the biggest revamp I have done so far, and yep it does look a little baggy. But I did it, and it didn't end up in the unfinished pile. I am only 20weeks and bubba is due in the middle of summer so, I think this shirt will get a lot of wear.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Goodbye plain packages

Being that its almost time to send off the international Christmas gifts, this morning I sat down with my little man to paint up some postage envelopes. We started off with the idea to paint them up then thought it would maybe be a good idea to masking tape an area to write the address. This was a super simple project that Rio loved doing we chatted about who's gift we'd pop inside as we went.
I am really happy to have been able to include Rio in some Christmas preparation, he is also doing finger prints on the Christmas cards and painted up some little wooden picture frames (visible int he photo below).

Hope you are enjoy your Christmas preparation as much as I am.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A few weeks ago a package arrived from my Mum, amongst the goodies was several plain tees for my kids!! Which is actually a really cool gift, because I can play, woohoo!

I followed up the super hero theme that is prominent in our house at the moment, by printing Rio a tee with SD on it, from the Super Duck book we read.

Today I wanted to test out the sprayed bleach I have seen around on Pinterest. Scull and cross bone seamed simple enough. I googled the bleach to water ratio and found that it was about 1:3. I used an old cleaning liquid spray bottle. After cutting out my stencil from some light cardboard I put a little glue stick glue on the back just to hold it in place on the t-shirt.

Next, DO NOT FORGET put card board inside the shirt other wise you will bleach the front and back. It really only takes a couple of sprays. Then rinse the tee really well and wash it. I love using more than one medium so I added some screen printing to it. This was the simplest of stencils masking take boarder and then I cut out some letters. Finished project I give this 10 thumbs up I love it..even if I do say so myself.

Friday, September 28, 2012

following the trends

I love Pinterest!! a couple of days ago I purchased some old thread spools at a garage sale. I was quite impressed with having found such treasures so I jumped on Pinterest to find some inspiration and necklace organization was amongst my finds.

I had wanted to do one incorporating a slice of a tree trunk but settled on a scrap of wood we had lying around. First up I draw a wonky heart and then set to it with the Jigsaw.

Next sand and paint it, then sand it down a bit to rough it up. I had some wax lying around so I used that to finish it off.

I do have to say that the finished result is a little brighter than I intended but I am really happy with it and may add to it...something to hang my 3 pairs of earrings from. lucky I don't own much jewelery. :)

trying something new, part 1

So, I have always been interested in woodwork.. but never really had the tools or the chance. At 30, with a garage full of tools now it the time to get my hands dirty.

I have a 3 yr old and an 8 month old and being that Christmas isn't too far off I have decided that a DIY play kitchen is in order.

My starting point, was a microwave stand that I bought for $5 at the thrift store, I was pretty impressed!

This is a chance for me to learn a few skills, number one: what I can do with a jigsaw.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sew much fun

Well, since getting my second hand Serger I have been sewing when ever I can sneak down stairs. I have been enjoying making journal covers for gifts,  I really need to make one for myself too.
They look great in linen, Umbrella Fabrics (from Australia/home) is perfect! I buy a little $10 pack of scrapes and can probably get 3 or four out of it.

The project that followed the journals was my Otis Pants inspired by the Bonds pants (also from Australia). On our little holiday A. gave me some heavy jersey, it's dark green, super baby friendly but need to be personalized. Of course I printed on it. I liked this idea from Lil Blue Boo so I printed the stripes and then added the scull and cross bones, and I am in love with the our come!

Finally I made up one of these tee-necklaces. One t-shirt from the thrift store $2, scissors, needle and thread and a bit of time up your sleeve. I'm quite impressed with my creation, so much so I am sending my sister one, she is a fab sewer and super stylish.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

time to tackle a pattern

I've been avoiding tackling anything with a pattern..as in clothing forever. But having a 4month old baby girl and not much of a life outside of home (just moved) and turning 30 I decided it was time! So I bought this cute pattern off etsy Sewing with me 1 and seriously you couldn't get any simpler. It is 2 pattern pieces, some bias tape and then one piece for the optional frill. I must say it is so neat I love it!!

I have since made another out of a shirt incorporating the buttons down the front I will post a pic when I have added the frill.