Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sew much fun

Well, since getting my second hand Serger I have been sewing when ever I can sneak down stairs. I have been enjoying making journal covers for gifts,  I really need to make one for myself too.
They look great in linen, Umbrella Fabrics (from Australia/home) is perfect! I buy a little $10 pack of scrapes and can probably get 3 or four out of it.

The project that followed the journals was my Otis Pants inspired by the Bonds pants (also from Australia). On our little holiday A. gave me some heavy jersey, it's dark green, super baby friendly but need to be personalized. Of course I printed on it. I liked this idea from Lil Blue Boo so I printed the stripes and then added the scull and cross bones, and I am in love with the our come!

Finally I made up one of these tee-necklaces. One t-shirt from the thrift store $2, scissors, needle and thread and a bit of time up your sleeve. I'm quite impressed with my creation, so much so I am sending my sister one, she is a fab sewer and super stylish.

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