Saturday, May 14, 2011

yoga pants

After making my first pair of pants out of a tee I had to make another. This time I wanted to try a simple style I saw when I was home in Australia, Bonds Roomies, ( I love anything Bonds!).

This tee was a long sleeved tee that I bought for $3 at Zellars. (I have already made a pair of pants out of the sleeves). Note: the cut of this shirt is a little off so keep that in mind when you look at the photos.

First I measured the length of the pants I made in the last post and added about 2 inches, total 17".

Second I drew the shape (from memory) of the pants. There are only going to be 2 pieces to these pants so there needs to be a big space between the legs to create the crotch. The hem of the tee with become the hem of the pants which will save you some time.

Third: The bottom of the tee's side seams can be used as the leg seams so you will just sew the top half of the legs (this saves sewing and pinning). Cut out the pattern leaving 1/2" for seam allowance, working with jersey like this can move a little once you start pinning and sewing so it's better to be safe than sorry. :)

Fourth: cut out an oval. I know that the Bonds version of these pants doesn't have a gusset, but I wanted to try one.

Fifth: pin the gusset, and sew all the seams.

Sixth: line your pants up with a pair that you already like the fit of to determine where to fold over to create the waist, then pin it.

There you have it a pair of Roomies, if your little fellas bottom doesn't have a diaper on it then these will be baggy in front. They are definitely comfy pants. I will add a pic of my little man wearing them soon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

man oh man do i love these pants

The weather here is lovely, my little man and I are spending more and more time down town, browsing and playing at the park mostly. Today we were out by 9am to grab a few things at the store, followed by a visit to the cafe.
Next we, well I decided to hit the Thrift Store, seriously, it is my fave store in town. I have been finding some real treasures lately, today I bought 2 tees for myself (woohoo) and then this Nikita tee. With the plan to make the perfect pair of comfy pants.

This was such an easy project you should really try it. I laid out the tee and cut to pattern pieces (one to become each leg) this means I don't need a seam up the side. I was also able to use the hem of the tee as the hem of the pants, which saves time and looks really neat. Sewing the crouch first then the inside legs, followed by sewing the waist band and threading some wide elastic. Last I sewed in one of my little tags and the original label off the tee on the back and there you have it my fave pants.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my first accessory

In December my lovely friend Kat organised another stocking exchange, there were 8 of us & it was a blast as usual. My Friend A. over at our ilan & quinn gave me a fabric cuff, it's now one of my regular accessories. Anyway today while enjoying coffee I saw a few cuffs that she is putting together & I knew that I just had to try one.

I love these cuffs, they seem to tell a story. The story of my cuff: the brown with tiny flowers is from the first dress I bought since high school prom/graduation (I seriously wore it for four years, since then I've turned it into and skirt and enjoy using the scraps in other project.), the blue floral is from A., the linen is scrapes from the printing course I did in January, the elephant is from an Australian company Umbrella Prints (a little piece of home), the back fabric (not shown) is from mum. Wow that was a mouth full :)

The button is off center as I didn't want to cover the elephant... and it works as the cuff is angular anyway.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a quiet week..

Yesterday my little man and I hit the thrift store for our weekly visit. Oh my, there was a lot of stuff in there this week. I picked up this plain purple tee, a summer jersey top and lots of flannel fabric, woohoo!
So what to do with an over sized tee to make it wearable?? First of all I rouched the side like the Green Tee I did in an earlier post, only this time I used elastic thread instead of actual elastic.. it seems to sit nicer. Then at craft night, I printed the pens around the neck line. I am on the fence about whether or not I will print one white pen somewhere there too...???

When I get a chance I will post a pic of me wearing it.

With so many friends pregnant at the moment, I should really get a wriggle on pressie wise.

This is the same soft fabric as my little man's baby blanket and the flower flannel was one of my (brand new) finds at the thrift store. The corner fabric, felt and ribbon are something for a little bub to play with. The blanket is 18" squared just big enough to fit in the car seat.
I really like it, I really needed to clear my head after the half an hour of madness before bed time.