Saturday, May 14, 2011

yoga pants

After making my first pair of pants out of a tee I had to make another. This time I wanted to try a simple style I saw when I was home in Australia, Bonds Roomies, ( I love anything Bonds!).

This tee was a long sleeved tee that I bought for $3 at Zellars. (I have already made a pair of pants out of the sleeves). Note: the cut of this shirt is a little off so keep that in mind when you look at the photos.

First I measured the length of the pants I made in the last post and added about 2 inches, total 17".

Second I drew the shape (from memory) of the pants. There are only going to be 2 pieces to these pants so there needs to be a big space between the legs to create the crotch. The hem of the tee with become the hem of the pants which will save you some time.

Third: The bottom of the tee's side seams can be used as the leg seams so you will just sew the top half of the legs (this saves sewing and pinning). Cut out the pattern leaving 1/2" for seam allowance, working with jersey like this can move a little once you start pinning and sewing so it's better to be safe than sorry. :)

Fourth: cut out an oval. I know that the Bonds version of these pants doesn't have a gusset, but I wanted to try one.

Fifth: pin the gusset, and sew all the seams.

Sixth: line your pants up with a pair that you already like the fit of to determine where to fold over to create the waist, then pin it.

There you have it a pair of Roomies, if your little fellas bottom doesn't have a diaper on it then these will be baggy in front. They are definitely comfy pants. I will add a pic of my little man wearing them soon.

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