Friday, May 13, 2011

man oh man do i love these pants

The weather here is lovely, my little man and I are spending more and more time down town, browsing and playing at the park mostly. Today we were out by 9am to grab a few things at the store, followed by a visit to the cafe.
Next we, well I decided to hit the Thrift Store, seriously, it is my fave store in town. I have been finding some real treasures lately, today I bought 2 tees for myself (woohoo) and then this Nikita tee. With the plan to make the perfect pair of comfy pants.

This was such an easy project you should really try it. I laid out the tee and cut to pattern pieces (one to become each leg) this means I don't need a seam up the side. I was also able to use the hem of the tee as the hem of the pants, which saves time and looks really neat. Sewing the crouch first then the inside legs, followed by sewing the waist band and threading some wide elastic. Last I sewed in one of my little tags and the original label off the tee on the back and there you have it my fave pants.

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