Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my first accessory

In December my lovely friend Kat organised another stocking exchange, there were 8 of us & it was a blast as usual. My Friend A. over at our ilan & quinn gave me a fabric cuff, it's now one of my regular accessories. Anyway today while enjoying coffee I saw a few cuffs that she is putting together & I knew that I just had to try one.

I love these cuffs, they seem to tell a story. The story of my cuff: the brown with tiny flowers is from the first dress I bought since high school prom/graduation (I seriously wore it for four years, since then I've turned it into and skirt and enjoy using the scraps in other project.), the blue floral is from A., the linen is scrapes from the printing course I did in January, the elephant is from an Australian company Umbrella Prints (a little piece of home), the back fabric (not shown) is from mum. Wow that was a mouth full :)

The button is off center as I didn't want to cover the elephant... and it works as the cuff is angular anyway.

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