Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A few weeks ago a package arrived from my Mum, amongst the goodies was several plain tees for my kids!! Which is actually a really cool gift, because I can play, woohoo!

I followed up the super hero theme that is prominent in our house at the moment, by printing Rio a tee with SD on it, from the Super Duck book we read.

Today I wanted to test out the sprayed bleach I have seen around on Pinterest. Scull and cross bone seamed simple enough. I googled the bleach to water ratio and found that it was about 1:3. I used an old cleaning liquid spray bottle. After cutting out my stencil from some light cardboard I put a little glue stick glue on the back just to hold it in place on the t-shirt.

Next, DO NOT FORGET put card board inside the shirt other wise you will bleach the front and back. It really only takes a couple of sprays. Then rinse the tee really well and wash it. I love using more than one medium so I added some screen printing to it. This was the simplest of stencils masking take boarder and then I cut out some letters. Finished project I give this 10 thumbs up I love it..even if I do say so myself.

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