Thursday, December 16, 2010

My First

So this is my starting point for real screen printing. I had tried to get around using real screen printing procedures in the past as I have been intimidated by chemicals and damaging the screen if you leave paint on it for to long etc. I had tried an embroidery hoop with glue as a filler, but to be expected the results weren't that great.

So having learnt from those experiments here I am at the drawing fluid and filler method. The big key I found was the thickness of the screen printing paints.. I had been using thinner paints in my other attempts.

So for my Christmas gifts this year i bought cotton aprons (60% cotton was all i could find for a reasonable price) then I dyed them in hot water and several tea bags. there are some great clips on you tube about tea dying if your interested. Then I printed my image on the back of the apron and upside down so that when I folded the bottom up to create the pockets the image was upright. I am really happy with the final product.

1 comment:

  1. As I have received one of these aprons for Christmas, I feel I can comment!
    Beautiful darling.
    Love receiving something you have made.