Wednesday, July 20, 2011

more of the same

I have absolutely no ideas for new projects. It shows how out of it I am. However, like I said I just want to enjoy sewing, so I made another diaper clutch using I print I did a while ago. The fabric is kinda plain so at least the print adds.. something. Last night I wanted to make something for myself.. as I don't need a diaper clutch just yet ;) so I made a larger fabric bucket, I am really happy with how it turned.

Not sure what's on the agender for tonight, but tomorrow I have my little man in day care and will be heading over to a friends for crafting and a catch up. I can't wait, my friend is always really inspired and as I said above I have no idea what to work on. I do have 50 small cotton bags that I could print on... Only thing I have to do then is cut a few stencils...eeek

Other than the sewing I was inspired to make bread this morning as we were out. mmm. I changed a recipe I found on the net to suit, it was a really simple loaf that I added some thyme to an sprinkled with sunflower seeds, so yum.

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