Thursday, February 24, 2011

random scraps to tote inspiration

When I find myself with time to spare, do I hit the exercise bike? clean? nope, straight to the sewing room (table in the corner of our bedroom) it is. The Griz Days market is on the 5th of March and a couple of girlfriends and I are putting together a table. I even managed to find a friend who will watch Rio for 2hrs so I can man the table for a while. woohoo!

I am doing a bit of a random collection, kids drawstring toy bags, bibs, kids tees and skirts. Most I have made but the tees I bought and printed. I am going to be plugging away till then on items for the market.

However last night I just need to get crafty so I started sewing some scraps together. I thought when I reach a square that I could cut it up and use it for small items that needed a bit of colour. Then a lunch tote or craft bag seemed to be the goal, so I started sewing and this is where the project ended up. I like it.. and think it may go in the stash until a certain persons birthday pops up then I will post it off. Oh how happy I am to be so organised .

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