Monday, February 28, 2011

5 days till the market

Nothing like an approaching deadline to get you moving. My husband is away and my little man is feeling better, which means I am well rested and I have my evening to create. Woohoo.

Today in nap time I did some practice printing (meaning none of the prints worked out), then cut this stencil after readying about a boy tee competition over at I Am Momma. This evening I set up my printing area with scraps or jersey fabric and a couple of items from the thrift store (I like using second hand tees as it's cost effective and I'm more adventurous).

For the competition I wanted to do something more interesting so I cut out a little fish that I had printed the same image on... I liked the idea, not sure if it worked.. then tried sewing the whole print on, not sure which one I will enter.

The top 2 I will definitely keep for Rio, the bottom one will go to the market.


  1. Cute!!!! my little guy said "fish!!!" when he saw this :) i saw you at the linky party!

  2. Thanks, i just check out your blogs and your tees for the comp, they are so amazing!! good luck.
    I'll definitely be popping back over to your blogs they are wicked.