Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a night off

So as you know, I have been sewing like there was no tomorrow, but after a longish day I find the sofa is calling my name. Rio has been up since 4:30 had a nap for 2hrs and still isn't asleep yet. I also miss my man who is away on a family guys trip in the sunny US. Not having the energy to search Netflicks for a decent movie I am watching angel eyes on Tv... it's not worth watching so here I am.

I did sew a project for myself last night, I had a funky pair of pants from the thrift store that didn't quite work on me, so I set out to turn them into a tote. I was going to take the front and back of a leg and sew up where the zipper would have been.. well after hitting them with the iron I melted the lace that made the one pocket interesting. Anyway I replaced that section and then chose a fabric to line them with and sewed a strip on the outside to add a little something. The final product is a little smaller than I planned but that's ok, it's suite water bottle and snacks.

The tally for the market is 20 items!!

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