Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday night and hubby heads out for a few drinks with the boys and my little man is all tucked in...what's girl to do? Get crafty of course!

I had done a few prints earlier in the day so I thought I'd put one to use making a passport cover. I was going to make just a cover.. however it kind of made sense to make something that could hold all of our passports and any important cards we need as well. I decided to make this one over at Chubby Hobby. I am so happy with the way my print looks and the little stamp on the inside.

The front fabric is a linen blend, the back and inside center piece was from a thrift store table cloth, the rest were scrapes that kind of went with the rest.

One point I would change: The bottom seam was quite thick to sew and then just looks a little thick compared to the top half of the book. I would raise the bottom pocket so that is didn't go all the way to the bottom (where the mushroom stem is). This means that I would sew it to the Ivy fabric (to create the pocket) before I put everything else together.

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