Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting inspired again

So the market came and went and I didn't get as much sold as I had hoped... but in the end I made a few dollars to buy more supplies with and I got to hang out with a couple of girlfriends for the day.

Having a week off after the market was a much needed break I had a few other things going on. Hubby came home from his trip wednesday evening just in time for me to make it to craft night (which I haven't done since Rio was 9months old). With such short notice I didn't have a project prepared so I decided to vamp up my plain gray diaper bag.. I used a stencil and paint brush (screen printing doesn't work unless you can completely flatten the the item).

Hanging out at craft night with the girls from Our Ilan & Quinn and Just Felt Creative gave me some inspiration to get back into sewing. I made this fabric bucket today that my buddy had made and found on Vlijtig, I followed the measurements given.. the bucket is about 10 cms high. Next time I would have made it 150% the size. It was fun to get it done though.

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