Tuesday, April 19, 2011

boring tee to new fave.

Getting out of town for me is a treat, so when I found myself having to run an errand in Cranbrook I was very pleased. I had just enough time to run through the thrift store and the super store, woohoo! I bought a few very cheap tees at the super store (all $6 each), when I got home and tried the plain one on again I realised it was way to long.

So what to do.. I didn't really want to try hemming it, I considered ruching the waist.. but then of course A. from our ilan and quinn had the idea of sewing elastic up the sides! Great, that solved the length issue and added a bit of interest. Then I wanted to do something I have seen on a lot of blogs which is to sew strips of jersey fabric to create a flower.. the only jersey on hand was brown.
It's my first attempt at a jersey feature on a tee and i don't mind it at all. I've been waiting for a chance to incorpate a sewn embellishment and a print, so now that I'd sewn the flower I cut a stencil of a similar circular flower.

Inspired by a dress I was given that had the same colour used for the print as for the fabric. I decided to print the flower it in three different shades of green to match the fabric almost perfectly. Looked great on the dress not sure if it has the same effect on my tee... Having said that I love the way this turned out and will be sporting it any chance I get. :)


  1. that is super cute! i love the sides especially, would draw away from my expanded belly!! i'm thinking you need to do a few for me!

  2. :) yeah for sure when tees only cost $6 it's worth having some fun