Wednesday, April 6, 2011

inspiration found

I have been trying to find small projects that I can churn out for the market that will draw people to the table.. small zip pouches are what I came up with. Due to my lack of space I waste time pottering between the cutting, ironing and sewing areas. So at the moment these are taking me to long for me to be able to sell them for $10.

As with most of my recent projects I've been incorporating my printed images. There are a few tutorials out there for zipper pouches, I choose this one from twelve22 the first one I missed a step about sewing up to the zip (just before you turn it out the right way).. so second time round it went a bit smoother.

the dragon fly one I made as practice (using up a less than perfect print made me feel like i wasn't wasting fabric too) and is my own, the bird will be kept for a birthday ;) later in the year.

I love doing projects with lining, as it lets me use all the fabric that I am not in love with.


  1. shame my birthday is not later in the year!

  2. that's alright, these are a work in progress.. at this rate I'll get it right at about Christmas. ;)

  3. Ooooooo! Put my name down for one (to start with lol)! LOVE the dragonfly one!